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Cable TV Operators Franchisees Model

We present a compelling venture opportunity for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Multi-Service Operators (MSOs), Cable TV operators, Cable Internet operators in Tamilnadu & Pondicherry, as well as infrastructure providers in residential societies. Lezzernett’s client base is rapidly growing, and our “guaranteed income” model ensures that our partners generate revenue regardless of user pricing.

The Lazzernett Franchisee is a carefully designed system aimed at enhancing your commercial efficiency, expanding both your top and bottom lines, and rewarding your performance and initiatives. We stand by our partners by providing extensive marketing and channel support, coupled with a new membership structure that recognizes and rewards partners based on their investments in the program.

Joining hands with us helps broaden your existing portfolio and contributes to your business growth.

Who are we in Franchisee business model?

Authorized by the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, we take pride in being pioneers in the Indian telecom market. With over two decades of experience, we have consistently led the way in technological innovation and service excellence. Our commitment extends to being a significant contributor to expanding internet access in the remote rural areas of South India.

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We will provide the following supports to Franchisee:

Recognizing that each business has unique needs and a diverse customer base, we have established a dedicated Franchisee Outreach Team (FOT). This centralized back-end team is committed to providing comprehensive channel management services. The FOT at Lazzernett works in tandem with your channel managers, offering essential resources and support to drive your business forward and achieve your objectives. We invite you to establish a partnership with us, working together to create a mutually beneficial environment. Our partnership models include both exclusive and non-exclusive arrangements, providing flexibility for collaboration in various ways.


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