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Internet Leased Line

Lazzernett stands out as a premier provider of Internet leased lines, offering Dedicated Internet Access (Internet Leased Line) – an exclusive internet connectivity solution. This premium product boasts dedicated and full-duplex bandwidth, ensuring symmetrical speed Internet for enhanced performance.

Our leased line internet connection, or DIA service, is distinct in that it is offered at a fixed rate, not subject to variability or shared among users. It provides an individualized lane on the Information Superhighway, allowing you to navigate at your subscribed speed consistently. Unlike shared services, our Dedicated Internet Access guarantees a reliable and promised speed 24/7, 365 days a year.

High performance, Reliability and Key Feature for Internet leased line

  • Ensuring uninterrupted business operations through steadfast performance and continuous service uptime.
  • Ensuring Internet access with exceptional reliability through network redundancies implemented at multiple levels.
  • Providing dedicated symmetric internet connectivity to ensure a consistent upload/download speed as part of our commitment to reliable performance.
  • Options of Trans-Pacific & Trans-Atlantic routes for shortest path reach and redundancy.
  • Utilizing a multi-tier-1 (Internet Gateway) provider backbone infrastructure to reinforce our network reliability and efficiency.


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